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Leading with Emotional Intelligence Workshop

21 November 2018 | HB Connect, 165 West Street, Sandton | 08:30 – 16:00

Why does emotional intelligence (EI) matter?

At the core of every outstanding leader are the abilities to connect, achieve, inspire and act with resilience. Emotional Intelligence can help you learn to apply the best practices of an emotionally intelligent leader and give yourself a winning edge.

EI helps you create and sustain unique opportunities and more impactful relationships. This programme uses an integrated competency approach to help you develop this crucial skill. You’ll get hands-on opportunities to practice and apply methods for consistently using EI as a leader. Attend this programme and learn how to influence and motivate your organisation’s workforce to new heights of achievement.

Why attend this programme?

Help your employees to become star performers!

Being a manager of a multicultural, multifunctional team with different personality types and levels of experience can be very challenging in our complex business environment. This programme will equip you with skills to:

  • Manage and control your own emotions and your interactions with others in a more “mindful”, more positive way to motivate and retain your best talent.
  • Build self-awareness and self-control as a manager to ensure everyone act and react towards common goals and objectives.

Who should attend?

For all levels of staff who wants to develop his/her emotions intelligence skills in moving towards better understanding of oneself and others at workplace. This course will especially equip high potential executives, first-line or middle managers with skill development and tools for growth in the areas of communication, listening, conflict resolution and stress management.

How will you benefit?

After taking this programme, you will be able to:

• Lead powerfully with presence and impact

• Gain valuable emotional insights and awareness to inspire and maintain productive relationships

• Manage and adapt emotional behaviours that expand your sphere of credibility and influence

• Utilise empathy to promote strong relationships

• Apply collaborative, inclusive and creative communication practices

• Harness emotionally intelligent motivational skills to achieve team results

• Network and learn from a diverse group of peers from different functions, industries and countries

• Develop a personal action plan to implement back at work

• Learn and practice using real-world examples

About the facilitator: Musa Nghonyama

Musa is a Psychologist under Educational Category in a private practice. She has been a teacher for the period of 15 years before joining the South African Police Services as a Principal psychologist under their Health and wellness component. She has been facilitating different programmes for small and large organisations alike. For the past six years, Musa has facilitated Leading with Emotional Intelligence programme and her expertise as a psychologist and a former teacher comes naturally. Musa also develops programmes and is currently in private practice.

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