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Quality Customer Service Programmes

Service Quality Institute (SQI) & Local NQF based

Mfuwo Consulting (Pty) Ltd, a channel Partner – Representative for SQI provides leading-edge, specialised customer service training. We believe that customer service training builds a culture of satisfying customers based on our proven methods of customer service improvement. Our training programmes change attitudes and behaviors; impart customer service skills; and improve employee morale and teamwork.

Exceptional Service

Customer Service for a team with a team

Feelings for Professionals

Change attitudes and behaviours; Provide leading edge customer service skills

Remember Me

Use proper name etiquette; Improve your memory for all kinds of facts


Work with employees to identify the SPEED mindset needed for success

Loyal for Life

Method of recovery will take any unsatisfied customer to be loyal for life!

Lead Your Team to Success

Enable Managers and Supervisors to EMPOWER the work-force

Quality Customer Service (2 Days)

Aligned to unit standard ID 7789, NQF Level 4, 8 Credits

Service Excellence Call Centre Agents (2 Days)

Improve the professionalism of the employees and achieve consistency.