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State Protocol, Diplomacy and Business Etiquette Workshop

14 November 2018 | HB Connect, 165 West Street, Sandton | 08:30 – 16:00

Doing business or working with the Government of South Africa, foreign governments and dignitaries requires very high levels of business etiquette and diplomacy. As a professional working with the State, you need to equip yourself with basic Diplomatic strategies, tactics and practice for application in domestic and international interactions.

Get ahead & advance yourself by building your State protocol, etiquette knowledge by attending this workshop.

Workshop Objective : This workshop aims to equip delegates with Diplomatic skills, business etiquette relating to conducting business in South Africa and across the world with different cultures. Areas to be covered include:

Diplomacy – The system of Diplomatic ranking, appointment of Ambassadors and the credential ceremony.

State Protocol – how to apply protocol at official functions, etiquette, national symbols and orders, the official table of precedence, flag protocol, official forms of address, formal invitations and titles in South Africa.

Business etiquette – participants will be exposed to training in the exchange of business cards, effective business entertaining, body language at the table; host, hostess and guest duties, and all aspects of fine dining etiquette.

Dress code will also be one of the features of the course. Delegates will be trained on dressing for State and official functions, appropriate dress for business and business-related occasions.

Benefits of attending this workshop

Organisations investing in this seminar will benefit from a more professionally confident and socially adept cadre of executives, who will represent them with distinction at all times. The seminar will ensure enhanced ability to interact and work in the international environment and understanding key elements of cross-cultural communication.

Who should attend:

  • National government officials
  • Government Senior management
  • International organisations’ staff
  • Protocol officers
  • Practicing diplomats, civil servants, & those who wish to expand their knowledge of international protocol
  • Business managers & executives, especially those who interact a lot with foreign dignitaries
  • PR consultants
  • Special events professionals and consultants
  • Personal assistants and administrative professionals in Government and Private Sector
  • Those who wish to sharpen their understanding of international protocol and
  • Those whose profession requires communicating and socialising in the global marketplace.

About the facilitator: Aletta Mokhonoana

The facilitator is a former Diplomat and State Protocol official, with 9 years’ experience in Diplomacy, State Protocol and training. She possesses an International Relations Degree from the University of Pretoria, Honours Degree in International Politics from UNISA and a Post Graduate Diploma in Diplomacy.

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